Admission requirements:

  1. Family makes an appointment with the school team for enrolment
  2. Conversation with the family and student in order to meet the programme and school work
  3. Evaluation of the documentation from previous school
  4. Student’s visit to adequate age and programme group of students. During the visit student follows the group activities from the beginning till the end of the school day.
  5. Estimation – during the visit student is given a test in order to be estimated by the school team about the academic level of knowledge and skills and in lower grades the conversation with the school psychologist (emotional, social and intellectual). In higher grades the candidates do the English language test and the candidates for the IB Diploma Programme do the English language test, mathematics and science test.
  6. Information about estimation and the visit
  7. According to the candidate’s estimation the decision about signing the Basic contract on terms and conditions of enrolment and education is being made

Enrolment documentation:

Grade 1:  birth certificate, paediatrician approval for getting into the group (few days before the start)

Grade 2: birth certificate, the certificate of completed preschool programme, doctor’s approval for getting into the group

Other grades: birth certificate, student’s grade book, certificate or transcripts from the previous school.