Learning process in Rudjer Boskovic school is also being held outside of the classroom:  field trip, excursions, student exchange, language, and sports camp.

Excursion programme for lower grades students consists of a curriculum that is based on a student’s age.

There is a purpose of teaching in nature: encouraging normal psychophysics and social development, gaining experience in community life, developing community life skills and tolerance in relationships between people, forming a positive attitude towards nature and its protection, enrichment of old and gaining new knowledge and experience. The destinations are Palic, Zlatibor, Kopaonik, Divcibare. High standard accommodation is provided.

During the school year, the school organizes a few field trips with different content and purpose. Our students visited various locations so far: Viminacijum, Vinca, Avala, Natural history center of Svilajnac, Special nature reservation Zasavica.