The school day in Rudjer starts at 8.45. The school hours are divided into two parts: during the morning and early afternoon hours, students have regular classes and rest after lunch. Afterward, lower Primary School students attend skills classes, classes with their subject teachers (to complete their homework and revise with the assistance of their teachers) or some of the creative school activities in different fields, science, and sports. When needed, some students can have individual work with a teacher. All teaching methods are accompanied by visits to various cultural and scientific institutions. In Secondary School, students have regular classes during the whole day, and they can use the last class to consult the teachers or for study time in the school library or they may take part in some extracurricular classes.

In Primary School, from Monday to Thursday, the school finishes at 15.40 and on Fridays at 14.55. In Secondary School, from Monday to Thursday, the school finishes at 15.50 and on Fridays at 15.05.