Support for students

Individual support in and outside the classroom

Support through an individualized approach in the learning process – the assignments within the subject areas are adapted to the individual needs of students and are of different levels of difficulty. Students learn to assess their own  capabilities for learning and to choose the assignments accordingly in order to be appropriately challenged.

Support through Study time – with the teachers’ help and support within planned or agreed terms during the day, students have the opportunity to spend some additional time on inquiry and understanding of the concepts as well as on gaining and assessing knowledge related to the challenging content/subject area.

Support through counseling with a psychologist – students have the opportunity to seek help and support when they cannot independently find a solution in a conflict situation, when they cannot deal with a problem or when they need guidance in making some important decisions.

Support through health care and protection – if students do not feel well during the day, if there is an injury or need to take medical therapy supervised by a trained medical professional, the students can contact our healthcare worker.

Support through workshops – students have the opportunity to get support through the participation in workshops on various current topics in the field of health, problems of growing up, security, and learning. During these workshops they have the opportunity to hear the most important information on these topics from the teachers or guest lecturers or to get the answers to some questions, and some advice.

Support using the library – in our School system there are PYP and MYP libraries that are equipped with professional literature and fiction, as well as other didactic materials. With the help of a librarian, students can receive information or guidance on the appropriate literature for their research work or for developing their reading habits.

Support through online resources – Learning guidance students also receive through the Manage Bac platform, where teachers set up different learning materials, as well as by referring to the use of relevant sources of information, such as Encyclopedia Britanicca and the EBSCO database.

Counselling servises – students of the final years in High school receive comprehensive assistance when applying to foreign universities. This process involves informing about study programs and requirements of the faculty and, if necessary, professional orientation guidance performed by a school psychologist.