While searching for the ways to make the learning process more appealing, shift the motivation solely from the grade and spark the inquiry in every student, Rudjer Boskovic School started the program called “Creative school activities” (KAŠ) as an experimental educational approach based mainly on experience-based learning. The main goals of “Creative school activities”  KAŠ are: developing critical thinking, expanding students’ interests, encouraging inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge, raising awareness of personal responsibility and initiative, supporting the development of personal identity, mastering the basic scientific methodology concepts through individual research of social phenomena with the assistance of adults, releasing and fulfilling creative potential, improving the competencies for scientific and unbiased approach to the real world.

“Creative school activities” KAŠ include extracurricular classes, Service As Action in Middle Years Program (MYP) and CAS as a part of the Diploma Programme (DP).

Extracurricular classes for lower primary school grades (“MALI KAŠ”):

“logical thinkers”; science classes; drama classes; art; choir; dance and traditional dance classes; sports; tradition classes; language workshops.

Extracurricular classes for upper primary school grades (“VELIKI KAŠ”):

history classes; arts and crafts; choir and orchestra; sports; model making; journalists; science classes; ecology classes; “logical thinkers”; drama classes;  language workshops; computer programming; chess; dance classes; orienteering; religious education.