Urban Art III

At the initiative of the High school Student Parliament in 2012 an event Days of Urban Art – Street Art was organized. Since then it has been held annually.

At the very beginning urban art referred to the most as graffiti, which, of course proved to be wrong. Again, many refer to urban art as street art but this form of artistic expression and freedom is wider and far more complex. Graphics, murals, portraits are definitely an integral part of 21st  century art - urban art.

At the end of April 2014 the event Days of Urban Art was held for the third time. Throughout the second term we painted the school interior and exterior, enjoyed working together, shared ideas, and suggestions for the decoration of our classrooms, corridors and the school yard. The most creative students and most original works were rewarded after the final competition.

For this school year, 2014/2015 the fourth Days of Urban Art event has been planned and this time other high schools from Serbia will be taking part.