Aleksandar Radulovic

Class of 2015/16.

His scored a maximum of 45 points at IB DP graduation. He is studying medicine at UCL in London.

What is the main advantage of attending the IB Diploma Programme in your opinion? Has the experience from the Diploma Programme helped you in your further education, to what extent?

Definitely, there are many advantages. I think that the structure of the IB programme is similar to the one comes across at the university. At the same time, the very weight of the IB programme is a kind of preparation for further education and facilitates this transition between the high school and university level of the material. The extended essay also plays a very important role when it comes to some preparation for further, more serious work, since it represents our first encounter with the scientific style of writing. The whole process, which includes adherence to certain norms, especially those related to the format of the work (spacing, font size, style of references, etc.) is excellent training, especially for people who plan to engage in future scientific research. I think that the time spent in writing the extended essay helped me a lot during the making of some recent research papers.