Nastasija Celebic

The valedictorian of 2018/19

She is studying Psychology at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).


Part of the interview from our school magazine Sokolske novine (issue 34, June 2020, year XVII)


How has the experience of the Diploma Programme helped you at the university? Unlike the other students at the university, I was pretty prepared for the amount of material and I knew how to deal with it. I was also used to stress (in this case, a blessing in disguise) and I already had developed techniques on how to deal with a large amount of stress. Writing essays and reading articles as well as referencing were completely familiar to me, so I had no problems.

Did you have a favourite teacher?

My homeroom teacher Ivana Mandic. Economics classes always passed quickly, although it was not easy to master the subject at all; in the end, we were ready to achieve excellent results on the exam. Although Economics has not been my choice for further education, it helped me a lot to learn how to think and how to approach problems.  I am grateful to my homeroom teacher for teaching me that.