Parent – Teacher Cooperation

Our parents have been vital partners since our inception.


Ruđer Bošković Educational Centre values close cooperation with the parental body and recognizes the importance of the home/school partnership for successful education.  In the educational process cooperation and communication between parents and teachers is the vital link between home and school.  We appreciate the fact that they entrust us with the care of their children and thus recognize the school is a family environment where everyone is welcomed and encouraged to contribute to the life of the school.

We communicate regularly and openly with our parents while taking ongoing steps towards continuous improvement of our programmes and services. Parents’ involvement in school activities is encouraged and quite often they take active part in various humanitarian and CAS activities. Moreover, our parents present and share their personal experiences with the students in order to broaden their views and help them choose their future professions.

We actively encourage parental involvement in the life of the school. The best interests of our students and their diverse needs are always at the centre of our decisions. Parents can communicate with teachers, learning support specialists and Management by email, through individual meetings, parents’ meetings and meetings of the Parents’ Council. On a daily basis parents can get an insight into the progress of their children by simply logging in the school website and checking e-diary. Teachers undertake regular assessment of academic achievement regularly in classes and parents at the end of each term parents get detailed written reports on their child’s progress.


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