Help for the citizens of Obrenovac

The first half of May 2014 will be remembered for severe weather and heavy rain that hit our country. The heavy downpour lasted 60 hours and left many families without a roof over their heads. A number of health care, educational, and cultural facilities were damaged.

The employees of Ruđer Bošković Educational Centre alongside our students’ parents helped in gathering humanitarian aid for people who suffered great losses during the floods. In only a few days we managed to gather personal hygiene kits, food, bottled water, clothes, and toys. At a time like this our “little” meant “a lot” for many families.

After the lowering of water levels of the rivers Kolubara and Sava we visited Obrenovac and witnessed the disastrous consequences of the flood and how it affected the people. A picture paints a thousand words. The High School Student Parliament, together with the teachers and parents, will continue to donate humanitarian aid for people in need in the forthcoming year.