All programs implemented within the "Ruđer Bošković" education system are unified by:

About us

Ruđer Bošković High School is a private general high school accredited by The Ministry of Education of The Republic of Serbia, founded in 2003.


The aim of the educational- teaching process fostered in our school is the formation and development of functional and transferable knowledge and skills.

School management

“The skilled and competent team of professionals that is the heart of this school warmheartedly offers high-quality education, understanding and safe and supportive environment for our students, who consider the school their second home.


High School School Ruđer Bošković is situated in Belgrade, 17 Kneza Višeslava St.


Educational centre Ruđer Bošković is, apart from the national verification issued by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia for primary and secondary education, accredited and certified according to the international programmes and standards as follows:


Students at High School Ruđer Bošković are typical adolescents: curious, always on the move, creative, always interested in what is going on around them as well as in the world…

Students’ timetables

Schedule of classes can be downloaded in pdf format.

Teachers and associates

Teachers and teaching assistants make up the team that implements all the curriculum components.

School calendar

Tabular presentation of the calendar of high school educational activities for the academic year 2015/2016

Creative school activities

The unique School Curriculum in educational centre Ruđer Bošković implies the principles according which the whole educational process is based on cooperative, active and experiential learning/teaching methods.

Learning support materials

Contents of the Study support :

Contact for Enrolment

The contact person for an appointment concerning additional information and enrolment requirements:

Sports activities

In high school Ruđer Bošković we all believe in the saying Mens sana in corpore sano

School trips

Throughout the school year the School organises one-day trips of different destinations and aims.

Day in Ruđer

The school day begins at 8.30 am.

The National Programme

The "Ruđer Bošković" High School implements the curriculum for general secondary education prescribed by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia.

International programmes

International Cambridge and IB Diploma programmes

Admission requirements and tuition fees

Enrolment is carried out in accordance with the Regulations on Enrolment of Students.

Additional services

Transportation facilities

Parents' role in education

Educational process requires cooperation between school and parents.

Parent – Teacher Cooperation

Our parents have been vital partners since our inception.

The Board of Parents

The Board of Parents consists of the studnets’ parents from all classes.

E- gradebook

The "Ruđer Bošković" educational system Web - based gradebook.