Slađana Ristić


Education: University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy – Department of Psychology

Advanced training:

– IB workshop Launching the MYP (March 2018)
– IB workshop Making the PYP happen in the classroom (February 2017)

– Seminar on strategies and work techniques in CLIL teaching (June 2018)

-Professional training on the use of online wiki tools as teaching aids (April 2017)

-Education for psychotherapists. Enrolled in the final, fourth year of education in REBT / Rational emotional behavioral therapy (September 2018) at an accredited training center. Obtained certificates of the Albert Ellis Institute from New York for primary (November 2016) and advanced level (December 2017) REBT education.

-Education in rational emotional and cognitive behavioral therapy of children and adolescents (April 2017)

-Participation in the symposium: “Adolescence as a chance, romance and psychopathology (DEAPS, May 2017)

-Education for providing support in critical situations (May 2014)

-Certificate in Advanced English, March 2018


– Elementary school Ruđer Bošković (since 2015) as a professional associate, teacher of psychology (school year 2016-17)

-Eight-year work experience in journalism, in several Belgrade television companies, as part of the editorial staff of the morning and news program. Special interest in the education sector – reporting on school reform, the quality of curricula and study programmes, problems in schools and colleges and other topics related to education.