Jelena Savković

Jelena Savković
English Language Teacher


  • University of Belgrade, (MA), 2010


Radno iskustvo

  • Zibo Shiyan High School International Department, China, 2019
  • Theory of Knowledge Coordinator
  • Approaches to Teaching and Learning Coordinator
  • Critical Thinking Teacher
  • International School of Astana, Kazakhstan, 2017-19
  • Theory of Knowledge Coordinator, Member of the IB programme authorization team
  • English Language Acquisition Teacher
  • Sinarmas World Academy, Indonesia, 2015-17
  • TOK Teacher
  • English Language Teacher
  • Lancers International School, India, 2014-15
  • 5th Grade Class Teacher
  • Kralj Petar I High School, Serbia, 2011-2012

Bojana Vidović

Bojana Vidović

English Language Teacher


  • 2010MA studies completed in English language and literature, Faculty of Philology, Belgrade
  • 2007BA studies completed in English language and literature, Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad



  • Pearson English webinars: Supporting blended and online learning, Maximising potential using digital platforms and tools, Mental health and wellbeing, Building confidence,


  • Invigilator in the Primary Round of 8thInternational English Language Olympiad (Hippo2020)
  • Invigilator in the Primary Round of 7thInternational English Language Olympiad (Hippo2019)


  • Capturing Curiosity and Measuring Progress in English Language Classroom, Pearson seminar, 2018.
  • Effective Communication Skills, 2018.
  • Spelling and Business Correspondence, 2018.
  • Communication Triangle: Teacher, Student, 2018.
  • Methodological Workshop on Modern Teaching Models and Lesson Plan Development for Active Learning, 2018.
  • “Capturing Curiosity and Measuring Progress in English Language Classroom,“ Pearson Central Europe predstavništvo, 2018.
  • 2010-16 residence in United States of America
  • Assessment in Primary and Secondary Schools, Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation, Belgrade, 2009


  • Project Coordinator for “American Culture Week” (Karlovci Gymnasium, April 2009)
  • Project Coordinator for “First Translation Workshop” (Karlovci Gymnasium, May 2009)
  • “Teacher in the Role of Homeroom Teacher” (Technical School, Subotica, 2008)
  • English as a first and second foreign language (McMillan, Oxford programmes)
  • Translation theory and technique
  • Preparatory classes for entrance exams to philological high schools
  • Preparation for IELTS, CAE, FCE exams





Staša Lučić

IB DP History teacher, DP History P2 examiner



PhD in Social History Belgrade University, Faculty of Philosophy in progress

MA in Modern History, 2010-2011 Belgrade University, Faculty of Philosophy

Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology and History, 1998-2002 The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Philosophy, School of History and Archeology


Professional training:

IB workshop- Learning Diversity and Inclusion, (august, 2022)

IBDP Category 3 Workshop History: A Focus on Internal Assessment, February 2018

IBDP Category 2 Workshop Theory of Knowledge, February 2015

Cambridge IGCSE History (0470) March 2017

IBDP Examiner in History Paper2 Training July- August 2012

IBDP Theory of Knowledge Examiner Training February – March 2012

IBDP History – Putting the Course, October – November 2009

IBDP Theory of Knowledge Berlin, July 2009

Improving communication competence and active listening skills, Institute for Educational Research, Belgrade February 2107

University of Copenhagen, PhD School, Faculty of Humanities PhD Course Nationalism and Multiculturalism Copenhagen, December 2012



IBDP History HL and SL teacher, Rudjer Boskovic High School, Belgrade, Serbia since 2019

IBDP History and Theory of Knowledge teacher, Gimnazija Crnjanski, since 2007

IGCSE History and Global Perspectives teacher Gimnazija Crnjanski, since 2015

IBDP  Theory of Knowledge essays examiner and History paper 2 examiner (e marking), since 2011



Study Academy Vienna Revision Courses History teacher April 2015

Zentrum fur Sudosteuropastudien, Graz Research Fellow – May 2014

Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia, 2006.



Kristina Jolović Protić

Teacher of physics

Education:  Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade- Master in physics


Federal seminar programme 2017, 2018, 2019.

Teacher training program for objectives-based learning 2019.

Participation in projects:

Science festival 2014, 2015, 2017.

EDUfair 2017.

Past experience: Teacher of physics, Educational system ’’Crnjanski’’

Marija Milbridge

Teacher of English Language (Native Speaker)



Bachelor of Education (Secondary, Humanities stream), University of Sydney, Australia

(Teaching subjects: English and French)


Fort Street High School, Sydney


Other Languages:

Serbian (native speaker)

French (B2 level)


Professional Background:

Teaching English Language Acquisition to children and adults in Serbia and other European countries

Teaching Serbian as a foreign language to children and adults in Australia

Delivering corporate staff training in a variety of business contexts in Australia (government, private and NGO sectors)

Delivery of individual consulting and small-group workshops in specialized contexts including:  organizational culture change, HR workforce planning and recruitment

Consulted to overseas-trained professionals on corporate communication and presentation in the Australian workplace culture.

Assisted with design of public education programs for ACT Libraries (Canberra, Australia)

Took part in projects promoting bilingualism, bilingual education and CLIL through active involvement in the Bilingual Education Alliance (Canberra, Australia)


Marija Stanković

Teacher of German language

Education :

BA in German Language and Literature, the Department of Germanic Studies, Faculty of Philology, Belgrade

Master’s degree –  Serbian as a foreign languaue

The Philological High School of Belgrade with English language as the main language

Professional development training:

Teaching German,  English and Serbian as a foreign language to children in the ages from 6 to 18, in groups and individually

Teaching German to adults, in groups and individually

Milenko Miljić

Teacher of geography


-2010 – Geography Graduate for Environmental Science from the Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade
Workshops and certificates:
-Cambridge International Examinations online Professional Development course: Introductory Cambridge IGCSE Geography (0460)
-CTP Cambridge IGCSE Geography (0460)
-International Baccalaureate Environmental systems and societies (Cat.2) workshop
Examination experience:
-International Baccalaureate Environmental systems and societies – since 2017
-Cambridge IGCSE Geography (0460) – since 2018
-Cambridge International AS & A Level Human Geography Examiner – since 2020
Past expirience:
– 2015 – present: IB Environmental systems and societies teacher at Gimnazija Crnjanski
– 2015 – present: Cambridge IGCSE and Lower Secondary Geography teacher at Gimnazija Crnjanski and POŠ Plavi Krug

PhD Miloš Paunović

Teacher of History


He received his BA, MPhil and PhD degrees in History at the University of Belgrade, with PhD dissertation Balkan Horizons of British Politics Towards Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes 1920 – 1929. His main research interests cover the impact of the British foreign policy and British culture on the former Yugoslav lands during the 20th Century. His field of interest also includes history of sport, Serbian pupils and students during the First World War, as well as contemporary relations between ex-Yugoslav/Balkan nations.

Apart from teaching Miloš has years of working experience in Serbian NGO sector. He was one of the co-founders of the Centre for Sports Heritage (Belgrade). As a researcher, he took part in the following two research projects that the centre conducted in cooperation with the British Embassy in Belgrade:

– Sport remembers: Serbian-British sporting contacts during the First World War


– Exile in the Classroom: Serbian students and pupils in Great Britain during the First World War

He’s author and co-author of several monographs and academic articles, the most recent ones being Exile in the Classroom (CSH, 2016) and Towards Permanent Solutions of Open Questions Between Serbia and its Neighbours (CPES, 2019). Miloš is also an associate researcher at CPES (Belgrade).

Presentations in international academic conferences:

June 2014:  Kick-Off in Europe’s „Powder Keg“: Cooperation and Confrontation in Football in South Slavic Lands 1900-1914, Manchester Metropolitan University, Cheshire Faculty, Crew, UK

October 2013: An Old Empire and a Newcomer: The British And Yugoslav Diplomat’s Views On Each Other After the Paris Peace Conference, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

September 2013: Football’s Positive Influence on Integration in Diverse Societies: The Cases of Two Post-War Yugoslavias, UCLAN, Manchester, UK

Languages: English, Norwegian, Serbian (fluent), German (basic), Slovak (basic)



PhD Uroš Tomić

Teacher of English A: Language and Literature (MYP/IB)



  • BA, MA/MPhil and PhD, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade
  • PhD in Literary Studies with Culture and Film Studies

Works as a lecturer at the University of Belgrade, literary and academic translator, and author of academic study guides of literary works for US colleges.

Academic researcher (literature, film, popular culture, translatology, adaptation theory), associate at the American Cultural Center, author of a novel and numerous short stories published in the UK and US.

Eight years of experience teaching English A within the IBDP (Certificates: English A: Literature and English A: Language and Literature).

Marija Skoković

Master in Education- School Teacher, Teacher Education Faculty, University of Belgrade

  • IB workshop- Learning Diversity and Inclusion, (august, 2022)


  • 2019 – Online Seminar ‘Introduction to the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint for Global Perspectives’
  • 2018 – Online Seminar “Good Preparation for Classroom Time-Successful Time”
  • 2018 – Online Seminar “Active Oriented Math”
  • 2018 Mind Up Program, Djokovic Foundation
  • 2016 HP Classroom
  • 2015 Skills for adolescence
  • 2014 Thematic approach to teaching
  • 2013 Seminar- ‘Group work’
  • 2012 Introduction to Cambridge primary 1
  • 2012 Introduction to Cambridge secondary 1
  • 2009 Licensing Exam Primary school teachers by the Ministry of Education of Serbia
  • 2011 Seminar ‘Motivation for Learning’
  • 2010 Seminar ‘Inclusive education’
  • 2010 Seminar NTC systems of Learning
  • 2010 Seminar ‘Critical Thinking Through Reading and Writing’
  • 2010 Seminar ‘How to think differently and interdisciplinary’
  • 2009 Practical Classroom Training- Cyprus, training provider-International Highgate school, Cyprus
  • 2008 Seminar ‘Improvement of School planning’
  • 2008 – 2010.-Seminar ‘Classroom management’ and workshops (Highgate school, Cyprus)
  • 2008 – Seminar ‘How to write projects’



External Associate – Institut for Education Quality and Evaluation


Assessment of tests in the framework of the International Survey of Educational Achievement of Fourth Grade Elementary School Students in Mathematics and Sciences – TIMSS 2011, 2015 i2019 (Trends in Mathematics and Science Study).