Ivan Šurlan

Philosophy teacher, IB examiner


Education: Faculty of Philosophy – University of Belgrade, Department of Philosophy
Master studies, Faculty for applied ecology “Futura“
Advanced training:
– How to improve and evaluate your own teaching practice, 2013
– Cognitive development, organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, 2012, CONGRESS OF THE ANTHROPOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF SERBIA, with international participation, organized by the Anthropological Society of Serbia, 2012
-(Nove) Perspectives in bioethics / (New) Perspectives in Bioethics, Institute for philosophy and social theory, 2011
-International GreenBuild Conference 2011, organized by NVO Ecoist
Project participation:
-International Days at Rudjer
-Cognitia Libera
-School projects
-Urban environmental ethics, moral improvement and sustainability” in Sustainable construction and urban oases, publication of the organization Ecoist, 2012
– “New perspectives of bioethics” in the Third Program, no. 151-152, 201