Gordana Josimov

Lower Primary School Teacher


Education: lower primary school teacher, Teacher Education Faculty in Belgrade.


– A guide to improving teaching skills and school improvement (2005);
– A guide to improving Inclusive learning, Open Foundation, Belgrade (2007);
– Key knowledge from the past in The world around us and Nature and society as a foundation for learning history, ZVKOV (2010);
– A guide to teacher

Teacher Association Guide, Center for Educational Policies, Open Society Foundation, SURS, (2013).


-Teamwork to success, Prosvetni pregled ( 2009);
– Contribution of the Teachers’ Association of the Republic of Serbia to the introduction of inclusive education in Serbia, Teacher ( 2010);
-Professional Development of Teachers, Prosvetni pregled ( 2011);
– Teaching in a class with students who are working according to the individual educational plan, Teacher ( 2012).

Coauthor: Assessment of the capacity and needs of teachers for the development of inclusive education , Zbornik radova “Inclusion in preschool and primary school”, Institute for Pedagogical Research and College of Vocational Studies for Teacher Education, Sremska Mitrovica (2011).

Member of the editorial board:

– Dectionary of creators in pre-university education, IK Klett, Belgrade, 2016.

Textbook reviewer and evaluator:

-IK Draganić, Belgrade, IK Hol-net, Pančevo, IK Klett, Belgrade.

Author of accredited professional development programs:

– Creating individual educational plans on the way to inclusive practice (2009/2010–2013/2014);
– Educational work and individual educational plan, (2012/2013–2015/2016);
-How to discipline our students ? (2016/2017 – 2017/2018);
– Improvement of teaching practice through the exchange of professional experiences – Teachers’ Assembly of Serbia (2009/2010–2013/2014);
-Expert forums, SURS (2009/2010–2013/2014).

Implementer of accredited programs:

– Application of educational standards for the end of 3rd grade, ZVKOV (2003);
-Children with special need in kindergartens and school, group Most (2004-2006);
-Gender equality in my municipality, Institute for Gender Equality of Vojvodina (2005);
-Application of educational standards for the first educational cycle, ZVKOV (2011);
-Inclusion in education and the individual educational plan, Ministry of ducation (2011);
-Inclusion in education and support for students from sensitive groups, COP, 2014.


-Inclusion – from practice to policy, Open Society Foundation, SURS, CIP, Save the children, MPNTR RS (2005–2009);
-The most Inclusive School, supervisor, Open Society Foundation (2008- 2009);
-My School, school without violence, UNICEF (2009–2010);
– Implementation of educational Law, SURS (2009)
-Inclusion Index, ZVKOV (2009–2010);
-Assessment of the capacity and need of teachers for the development of inclusion in schools, ZVKOV, Open Society Foundation, (2010);
-Poverty reduction strategy, consultant, The Government of the Republic of Serbia (2010);
-The missing link, mentor, Center for interactive pedagogy(2010–2011);
-Everyone to School, future for all, coauthor of project, MPNTR RS, DILS, SURS, CIP, COP i FOS (2011);
-Key competencies – focus on science subjects, latest trends in education, Kulturkontakt, Austria (2011);
-Advanced services on a local level, DILS, MPNTR RS (2010–2012);
-Improvement of the transition of special needs students within the educational system, Ministry of Education, Finland, Helsinki (2012);
-Inclusion and special needs, British Council ( 2014);
-The quality of Inclusive education– Inclusive education and Individual educational plan, team coordinator (2014–2015);
-Sports day, Games without limits, author, UPAD (2008-2016).

International certificates:

Enhancing Professional Development of Education Practitioners and Teaching/Learning practices, Centre for Educational Policy Studies, 2006,
Transforming Global Rights into Action, Inclusion Europe, Prague, 2010,
Personal development, prevention of discrimination and violence, Pestalozzi Programme, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France, 2013,
Inclusive schools – Foundation of a Socially Just Society, NEPC, 2014;
Policy making, international coach, Nacional Democratic Institute, USA, 2014.

Professional society membership:

Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Teachers’ Association of the Republic of Serbia (2010–2014)

Head of the Supervisory Board of the Teachers’ Association of the Republic of Serbia (2006–2010);


Best teacher, grad Pančevo, 2008;
Best educator of Serbia 2016, Association Živojin Mišić, Belgrade.