Ivana Nikolic

Ivana Nikolić, the valedictorian of 2005, postdoctoral researcher, Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC), Madrid (Spain)

I graduated Molecular biology and physiology at Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade in Belgrade, Serbia in 2010. The same year I started my PhD studies in Immunology at the same Faculty, which I finished in October 2014. In my PhD project I studied pharmacological modulation of autoimmune type 1 diabetes by carbon monoxide-releasing molecule CORM-A1 (Diabetologia and Scand J Immunol). I won the prize from “Goran Ljubijankić” Foundation for
the best doctoral dissertation in the field of molecular biology for 2014. During the PhD, I was awarded very competitive Albert Renold Fellowship granted by the EFSD and I spent three months in the laboratory of Dr. Stellan Sandler at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.

In April 2015 I started my post-doctoral investigation at the laboratory of Dr. Guadalupe Sabio: Stress kinases in Diabetes, Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease, at CNIC, Madrid, Spain.

For my postdoctoral research I was selected for a highly competitive, international fellowship: CNIC IPP FP7 Marie Curie Program (2015-2018). One of my postdoctoral project was the study of the role of stress activated protein kinases p38g and p38d in development of non-alcoholic liver disease and steatosis. We found that obese patients have increased expression of p38g/d
in liver and that these two kinases control liver steatosis by modulating neutrophil infiltration. I was selected to present these results at the Annual Meeting of Immunological Society of Serbia in April 2016 (oral presentation) and we published it in EMBO Journal (González-Terán B*, Matesanz N*, Nikolic I*, et al, EMBO J 2016; 35(5):536-52. *shared the first authorship).
Later on, I focused my investigation on adipose tissue-specific role of p38d in brown adipose tissue (BAT) thermogenesis. To work in this project, I won a very competitive EFSD/Lilly Young Investigator Research Award Programme (2017; 50 000 EUR) that is given to a young, innovative investigator in the fields of diabetes and its complications and to promote excellence in medical education. During this project, I had opportunity to show my leadership
abilities and we found that that lack of p38a in adipose tissue protected mice against high fat diet-induced obesity by increasing energy expenditure and BAT thermogenesis the activation of the other p38 isoform, p38δ. Our results were published in PLOS Biology (Matesanz N*, Nikolic I*, et al, PLOS Biol 2018; 16(7):e2004455. *shared the first authorship) and I was selected to give a short talk at XL SEBBM Congress in Barcelona, 2017.

In 2019 I started a project to study the role of stress kinases in T cells in obesity. For this project I was granted for the second time EFSD/Lilly Young Investigator Research Award (2019), I was also awarded prestigious and competitive EFSD Rising Star Fellowship, aimed for promising and innovative young researchers, and Fellowship Juan de la Cierva Incorporacion (2019-2022) funded by Spanish State Programme for the Promotion of Talent and its Employability in R&D&I.As a result of my professional engagement, I published 20 research articles (8 as a first author, 1 review as a co-corresponding author) in different peer-reviewed journals in the field of Immunology and Diabetes. Multitasking across simultaneous projects allowed me to further develop my leadership abilities and to manage and lead projects in all aspects (budget, study design, execution of experiments, study results dissemination).

Since the science is not only the research, but also sharing the knowledge and experience, I am actively involved in the mentoring of undergraduate students: mentor of 2 CICERONE students at CNIC (2017); mentor at XL SEBBM Congress in Barcelona – Supervisor “Iniciación a la Investigación” (2017), and a co-mentor of MSc Thesis (2018) and PhD Thesis (ongoing).

I was also invited lecturer at MSc program 2019/2020 Animal models in immunology at Faculty of Medicine, Complutense University of Madrid. Furthermore, I participated in the organization of CNICPhDay 2015 and 2020 (postponed due to COVID-19), annual meeting organized by PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from CNIC. I presented my results at more than 13 national and international congresses (oral presentation: 13th Young Scientists Forum, FEBS, St Petersburg 2013; Annual Meeting of Immunological Society of Serbia in 2012, 2014 and 2016, XL SEBBM Congress in Barcelona 2017, 55th EASD Annual Meeting in Barcelona in 2019; and IMMUNOLOGY AT THE

Also, I won the Best Poster Award at the 2nd Congress of Serbian Society for Mitochondrial and Free Radical Physiology, 2013.



Vladislav Svarc

Class of 2013/2014

Autumn 2014 – Summer 2015: Gap Year (becoming familiar with the new environment in Canada and learning French in the south of France for 5 months)

2015 – 2019: began undergraduate studies of Electrical engineering in London, Ontario, Canada at Western University Since November 2019 working for the construction company Aecon Group Inc. in Toronto as the Estimator (US English) or Quantity Surveyor (UK English).


Rada Petrovic

Class of 2010/2011

I completed three masters after undergraduate studies. I am currently preparing for the bar exam. I attended Ruđer from 2007 to 2011, and spent two years on the IB Diploma Programme. Among the most important, I would single out internships in large international law firms in Paris Allen & Overy LLP (which is a member of the British Magic Circle of leading law firms), then K&L Gates LLP (American law firm) and in Belgrade, internship at the French Institute, in the office of the French Attaché for French Language and Culture, as well as internship with the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, Rodoljub Sabic. In my spare time during Erasmus academic exchange, I occasionally wrote for the French Newspaper Le Journal International. Education: 2019-2020  Institut d’Études Judiciaires Paris DescartesPréparation CRFPA, Paris, FrancePreparation of the bar exam at the Institute for Judicial Studies in Paris


2017-2018 Université Paris Descartes, Paris, France

Master 2 Droit des Industries des Produits de Santé

Master studies: Health Law

2016-2017 Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris, France

Master 2 Droit du commerce électronique et de l’économie numérique

Master studies: IT Law (some of the subjects are digital economy, personal data protection, artificial intelligence, etc.)


2014-2016 Sciences Po Paris, École de Droit, Paris, France

Master 2 Propriété intellectuelle

Master 1 Droit économique

Master studies: Corporate law, specialization: Intellectual property


2011-2014 Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Dijon, Dijon, France

2013-2014 Academic exchange: LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome, Italy

Undergraduate studies at Sciences Po Paris: Social and Political Sciences, with a focus on the European Union and Central and Eastern Europe. The third year of my studies I spent as an exchange (Erasmus) student at LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome.

2007-2011 High school Ruđer Bošković , Belgrade, Serbia

                International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Natasa Novakovic

Class of 2013/2014

Natasa graduated Law from the University College London with a year abroad in Munich. She then enrolled in a Master’s degree in arbitration at Uppsala University, Sweden.She is currently working in Stockholm at the consulting firm Ernst Young.

Milena Milovanovic

Class of 2016/2017

I am currently a 4th-year student of Molecular Biology and Physiology at the University of Belgrade. In addition, I work as a scientific demonstrator at the Center for the Promotion of Science. In the near future, I plan to enroll in doctoral studies in the field of evolution, but also to continue to improve in scientific communication and pedagogy.

Milan Bulajic

Class of 2018/2019

In Ruđer Bošković education system, I finished primary school, IGCSE and IBDP. The unique experience I have gained with international programmes has enabled me to accept and easily overcome the problems posed by higher education. In addition to school, I have been playing water polo for almost my entire life and today I am defending for the first team of Partizan, and I have participated in numerous junior international competitions defending the colours of our country. For that very reason, I stayed to study in Belgrade, at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. I enrolled in the second year of studies with an excellent GPA.

Mihajlo Jovanovic

Class of 2018/2019

Currently studying BSc International Management with a year abroad at University of Bath. The course is four years long and number of students at this course is capped at 40, making it more valuable and reputable for future career than other Business Management courses. University of Bath was ranked 6th nationally according to Guardian University guide 2020/2021. Accomplishments and high grades in IB program provided by High school Rudjer Boskovic enabled me to be in this position today, without any additional entry requirement tests.



Marko Pecarski

Class of 2017/2018

Marko Pecarski, born on February 12, 2000 in Gijón, Spain. He graduated from the Elementary School “Karađorđe” and the Gymnasium “Ruđer Bošković”, and currently is studying at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. He has been playing basketball since he was 7 and basketball is his vocation. He has been playing for the Serbian National Team since the age of 15. He was twice the junior champion of Europe and the best player of the European Junior Championship in 2018. He was the best scorer of the 2019 World Cup for players under 19.

Ilija Samardzija

Class of 2006/2007

Education: University of Essex – BSc in Economics, Graduate Student

Work experience: Key Account and Operations Manager at Colliers International Serbia – Leading all teams in cooperation with key foreign and domestic clients on projects that included a wide range of advisory Real Estate services as well as the day-to-day operational management of the company.


Current employment: Real Estate Manager at Enosis – Management and commercialization of a company-owned real estate portfolio.

Danica Soc

Class of 2016/17.

Graduated from Bocconi University, Bachelor in Economics, Management and Computer Science.
Based on my work during my undergraduate studies, the Lombardy region decided to fund my education at Bocconi University through a full scholarship. Since my major undergraduate studies focused on computer science, I decided to continue in that direction and enrolled in Master of Science in Big Data and Business Analytics at the University of Politecnico di Milano. In addition to many options for Master’s studies, I decided to stay in Milan and I am proud to have enrolled in studies in collaboration with IBM, a leading Tech company. Also, I am glad that after finishing the IBDP in the school “Ruđer Bošković”, as a world-class educational system, I continued on the path of great education and I am part of two faculties that are ranked among the top 10 in the world in their fields of work. It is very important to emphasize that the experience at IB helped me to adopt the way of working at these faculties more easily, and provided me with strong prior knowledge as a foundation for achieving great results. During my studies, I completed several internships in Italy, in the domains of Market Research, Data Analytics and Finance. I continued on the path I started in Ruđer, and was a part of many international competitions and conferences.