Vesna Zatežić-Skenderija

Teacher of Technical Education

Education: B.A. in Process Engineering (2001 ) of Belgrade University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Kragujevac University, Faculty of Technical Sciences

Professional training:

-Improving textbooks for teaching computer science
-Improving textbooks for teaching computer science and technical education
-Subject group Design and Digital Design leader
-Level of English – B2
-Use of the Encyclopaedia  Britannica in the classroom
-Use of tablets and iPads in the classroom
-Use of smartboard in the classroom
-How to motivate a child to learn?  workshop
-MYP approach in teaching and learning
-Apply online Wiki tools as didactics in teaching and learning
-IB workshop Launching the MYP
-EBSCO face-to-face workshop
-Student Teodor Šešum won 2nd place at the State competition of young model constructors