Cognitia Libera

This unique state competition in Philosophy and Sociology is aimed at students of Grammar schools, and had its first finals in April 2006. The motive for this competition is a need for the young to start thinking about some very important issues that are not found in the national curricula, to encourage the young to express their opinions, to speak up about how they perceive the life they live, how our joint future can be seen. Cognitia has found a way to a large number of grammar school students and their mentors-teachers of Philosophy and Sociology in a large number of schools. The final part of the competition, which is held every April since 2006, is seen as a spectacular clash of different thoughts and attitudes of the participants and members of the jury, mentors, audiences, through which we all learn and learn something new. Topics for the COGNITIA LIBERA contest are determined by teachers of Philosophy and Sociology.