Katarina Milošević

Class teacher


Education: Belgrade University, Faculty of Teacher Education, state exam completed

Professional training:

-How to evaluate and improve one’s own teaching practice
-Support to the improvement of educational work and modernization of work methodology in primary school lower grades
-Enhancing the professional competence of teachers
-Support to record keeping on educational work and the application of descriptive grading of first grade students
-Support to class teachers in the implementation of proficiency levels in teaching and grading 3rd and 4th grade students
-Specialized national seminar for teachers on math classes in primary school lower grades.
-Planning and implementation of “The world around us” and “Nature and society” classes
-Teaching English to young age groups

“How to Build a Reliable Test of Knowledge”

-Presentation of “Tesla Solutions for Improving Educational Process”
-“Touch the Knowledge” – Presentation of how to use tablet applications, training for a tablet usage
-Professional Development, PYP, An Introduction to the PYP Curriculum Model, Category 1
-Training for the Smart board

Theme-based instruction in teaching English to Young learners

-Research in teaching
-Content and Language Integrated Learning – CLIL
-Visible thinking
-Essential agreements
-Responsive Classroom
-ManageBac – using platform for planning
-SeeSaw- using platform for students portfolios
-Implementing the PYP curriculum
-Concept-based learning (Cat.3).