PhD Svetlana Marković

Serbian Literature A teacher, IBDP examiner, Teacher of Serbian language and literature

Education: PhD in Literature Science, Belgrade University Faculty of Philology, (2009)

Professional training:

-IB DP regional workshops (Bratislava, Slovakia, 2005)
-IB DP regional workshops / DP Librarianship (Glyfada, Greece, 2006)
-DP Language A1 Generic (Budapest, Hungary, 2010)
-Multi Medial Systems Certificate (Belgrade, 2004, ICT training)
-Master studies in dramaturgy at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade (20013/2014)


-1995-2000: about a hundred articles in the domain of literary criticism and archaeology in the culture section of the “Politika” daily newspaper, (list available on the site of the Serbian Science Centre (
-Author of the comparative literature textbook within the International Diploma programme; “Zmaj na mesečini”
-Drama, “Ko se seća gospodina Finča” (Who Recalls Mr. Finch), collection of poems “Od potrage grad” (City of Quest) (Serbian Science Centre publications in literary science, January 2014); “Motiv ženidbe u srpskoj narodnoj prozi” (The marriage motif in Serbian folk prose – scientific study on the oral fiction domain (published by Čigoja štampa), two books for children (2003, 2006, published by Čigoja štampa)