Danijela Andrejić Mićović

PYP Counselor and Librarian

Education: M.A. Psychology – Belgrade University, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Psychology

Professional training:

-Drafting the school program and education evaluation
-School seminar on development planning and training for the drafting of the school development plan and projects
-Thematic planning – interdisciplinary approach to teaching
-Specialist trainings for the Incest Trauma Centre – Belgrade , domestic violence and child abuse prevention
-Multifrontal form of teaching – “Petar Savić” new school
-Education of school teams on prevention of delinquent conduct in the school environment
-Self-assessment – a step further
-National debate “Education and Human Resource Development in Serbia”
-Educational problems of the students and how to overcome them
-56th Scientific meeting of Serbian psychologists
-New forms of addiction and modern communication systems
-Increasing the accessibility and quality of education through the use of individual approach to the child / student – “Inclusive education and individual education plan”
-How to evaluate and improve one’s own teaching practice
-Organization, content and method of work with talented students in the domain of -Serbian language and literature and History
-Individualised teaching for gifted students
-Education in the field of cognitive-behavioural therapy
-Education in the field of rational-emotional and cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy (advanced level)
-Organization, Content and Approaches to Working With Gifted Students in History and Serbian Language Subject Area
-Teacher Development Session- Special Education Needs Conference: Challenges and Solutions
-Developmental Montesori Materials in Preschool Programmes 
-Making the PYP Happen- Introduction to the PYP Curriculum Model
-CLIL Approach in Teaching – Seminar
-Building Your Library to Support Inquiry-led Learning and the Three Programmes of the International Baccalaureate
-EBSCO face-to-face workshop

Participation in projects:

-Project – “Healthy attitude” – preventive educational work with the students
-“Every feeling is part of me” – preventive workshops program for 2nd grade students
-“I can solve the problem” preventive workshops program for 3rd grade students
-“How you can learn to study” educational type project for 5th grade students
-“Internet abuse” educational type project for 5th – 8th grade students
-“Safety of children on the Internet” educational type project for 6th grade students – correlation with Computer Science
-“Peer violence prevention” educational type project for 7th and 8th grade students – correlation with civic and religious education
-“Negotiating the puberty maze” workshops for parents
-“Safety of children on the Internet” workshops for parents
-“How to motivate a child to study” professional support for teachers
-“Inclusive education and individual education plan” professional support for teachers
-Member of jury at science fairs for research papers related to psychology (regional and national level)
-Working in Groups – Roles and Rules – preventive workshops for Grade 3 and Grade 4 students
-Project Design and Advertising Products and Services – workshops within transdiscilpinary theme How We Organize Ourselves with Grade 3 students
-Who I am and How Others See Me – workshops within transdisciplinary theme Who We Are with Grade 4 students
-Kelso’s Choice – conflict management program for students from Grade 1 to Grade 5