Saška Sokolov guest-lecturer

Today, on May 8th. our para-athlete, winner of multiple medals from the World and European Para Championships, Saška Sokolov, who is coached by our Physical Education teacher Bojan Ilić, came to visit us.
Saška was a guest-lecturer with G3A students who showed great interest in her success. They were particularly interested in the fact that she competes in four athletic disciplines in the 100m and 200m sprint, as well as in the throwing disciplines: javelin throw and shot put. They had the opportunity to hear in a direct conversation the story of how “The brave do not bow their heads”, which is the name of the event that our school has been supporting with the Paralympic Committee for years.
Today’s guest appearance provided support for her appearance at the World Para Championship, which will be held from May 17th to 25th in the Kobe, Japan.
We wish them great success!