Exhibition represents an important event in students’ life in the final PYP school year. Through the process of their own work, students connect all the PYP elements and share them with the school community. The exhibition is realized through one transdisciplinary  theme where all six transdisciplinary themes’ aspects are connected. Students are engaged in collaborative, transdisciplinary inquiry process where they recognize, inquire and offer solutions for everyday life situations.

The exhibition’s purpose is to engage students in the process of collaborative planning and research during which they have the opportunity to show independence and responsibility for their learning. They inquire through different resources of information and perspectives and plan the action that is going to solve the problem of global importance. This process unites students, teachers, parents, and others from the school community into the collaborative experience with the basic elements of the PYP programme. This is how students celebrate the transition from the PYP to the MYP programme.