Siniša  Škoro

German language Teacher


Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, German language and Literature

Professional development training

IB online workshop for language B

Institute for the Advancement of Education – training on learning outcomes




Jelena Veselinovic

Geography teacher


Faculty of Geography, Belgrade, undergraduate and postgraduate studies

Master’s thesis:

A model of integrated tourist destination management on the examples of cultural monuments from the preliminary UNESCO list in Serbia

Associate of the Center for International Cooperation and the UN Association of Serbia

Mentor of the UN Club

Projects and participation:

Visit to the UN International Center in Vienna and UNESCO in Paris

Visit to UNESCO-protected facilities in Italy, France and Spain

Visit to the UN headquarters in New York

International Balmun Conference, Model UN in Banja Luka

Bimun  International Conference in Belgrade

Spimun International Conference in St. Petersburg

A small school of geomorphology – we live with nature

World heritage in the hands of young people

Humanitarian activities related to children in orphanages without parental care

Coordinator of international exchange programmes with children in the diaspora – Sweden

Youth Parliament of the Sava River Basin, Kumrovec

Reviewer of the textbook My Geography 5,6,7 and 8 for students with disabilities, Alca script, Belgrade

“Infinite Blue Sky” exhibition about Tadija Sondermayer and Miloš Crnjanski in KC “Čukarica”Summer camps and mountaineering activities, organizer

Co-author and author of several professional and scientific papers in the field of geography

Congress of Serbian geographers in Soko Banja and Trebinje

Associate in organizing of municipal and district competitions in Belgrade

Memorial “Ljubica Koprivica” for oratory and speech culture of children and youth,

Coffee Dialogue -Novi Pazar city talking

Advanced training:

Teacher training seminar for mentors of UN Clubs in schools

National parks of Serbia – natural values ​​and possibilities

Natural disasters and teaching geography

We learn creatively, we build partnerships

Modernization of knowledge about geodiversity through teaching geography

Teacher training program for the realization of teaching oriented towards learning outcomes

Civic education teacher training

Science in the park or park in science, the question is now

Motivating teachers and students in order to improve the educational process in high schools

Prevention of overuse and dependence on modern technologies

Psychosomatic response

Development of self-confidence and communication skills

Working with difficult parents

School legislation – the basis for the development of education and upbringing

Natural-geographical-vegetation characteristics and eco-tourism of SE Serbia

Contemporary problems in physical geography

Active learning

Reaching critical thinking through reading and writing to

Specialized national seminars on teaching geography

Foreign languages:

Russian and English (intermediate)

Member of the Serbian Geographical Society


Biljana Mandić

German language teacher

Education :

BA in German Language and Literature, the Department of Germanic Studies, Faculty of Philology, Belgrade

Master’s degree –  Language, Literature, Culture

2014 – 2020 owner, founder and teacher  at the German language center “Schritt für Schritt”

Professional development training:

„Kooperative Gesamtschule“ Tarmstedt, Germany

Jelena Cetkovic Elementary school

Third Belgrade Grammar School

Milenko Miljić

Teacher of geography


-2010 – Geography Graduate for Environmental Science from the Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade
Workshops and certificates:
-Cambridge International Examinations online Professional Development course: Introductory Cambridge IGCSE Geography (0460)
-CTP Cambridge IGCSE Geography (0460)
-International Baccalaureate Environmental systems and societies (Cat.2) workshop
Examination experience:
-International Baccalaureate Environmental systems and societies – since 2017
-Cambridge IGCSE Geography (0460) – since 2018
-Cambridge International AS & A Level Human Geography Examiner – since 2020
Past expirience:
– 2015 – present: IB Environmental systems and societies teacher at Gimnazija Crnjanski
– 2015 – present: Cambridge IGCSE and Lower Secondary Geography teacher at Gimnazija Crnjanski and POŠ Plavi Krug

Dr Miloš Paunović

History professor


He received his BA, MPhil and PhD degrees in History at the University of Belgrade, with PhD dissertation Balkan Horizons of British Politics Towards Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes 1920 – 1929. His main research interests cover the impact of the British foreign policy and British culture on the former Yugoslav lands during the 20th Century. His field of interest also includes history of sport, Serbian pupils and students during the First World War, as well as contemporary relations between ex-Yugoslav/Balkan nations.

Apart from teaching Miloš has years of working experience in Serbian NGO sector. He was one of the co-founders of the Centre for Sports Heritage (Belgrade). As a researcher, he took part in the following two research projects that the centre conducted in cooperation with the British Embassy in Belgrade:

– Sport remembers: Serbian-British sporting contacts during the First World War


– Exile in the Classroom: Serbian students and pupils in Great Britain during the First World War

He’s author and co-author of several monographs and academic articles, the most recent ones being Exile in the Classroom (CSH, 2016) and Towards Permanent Solutions of Open Questions Between Serbia and its Neighbours (CPES, 2019). Miloš is also an associate researcher at CPES (Belgrade).

Presentations in international academic conferences:

June 2014:  Kick-Off in Europe’s „Powder Keg“: Cooperation and Confrontation in Football in South Slavic Lands 1900-1914, Manchester Metropolitan University, Cheshire Faculty, Crew, UK

October 2013: An Old Empire and a Newcomer: The British And Yugoslav Diplomat’s Views On Each Other After the Paris Peace Conference, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

September 2013: Football’s Positive Influence on Integration in Diverse Societies: The Cases of Two Post-War Yugoslavias, UCLAN, Manchester, UK

Languages: English, Norwegian, Serbian (fluent), German (basic), Slovak (basic)



Dr Uroš Tomić

Teacher of English A: Language and Literature (MYP/IB)



  • BA, MA/MPhil and PhD, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade
  • PhD in Literary Studies with Culture and Film Studies

Works as a lecturer at the University of Belgrade, literary and academic translator, and author of academic study guides of literary works for US colleges.

Academic researcher (literature, film, popular culture, translatology, adaptation theory), associate at the American Cultural Center, author of a novel and numerous short stories published in the UK and US.

Eight years of experience teaching English A within the IBDP (Certificates: English A: Literature and English A: Language and Literature).

Vesna Stojanović

Mathematics teacher


Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade University, Mathematics department, Bachelor’s degree

Professional training:

– Teacher training program oriented towards learning outcomes

– Teacher training for the use of online teaching resources according to European ECDL standards (program for presentations)

– Didactic – methodical setting of mathematics classes

-Grading students

-Professional meeting: Communication- Interaction- Action

– Application of knowledge tests in primary and secondary school

– Specialized national seminar on working with young mathematicians

– Traning in Slovenia from 6th – 10th April 2011 for professional development: Innovations in teaching

–  Improving the teaching of mathematics in the older grades of primary schools

– Development of creative thinking in children

– Extension Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics

– Introduction to the Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint  for Global Perspektives

– Recognitions of the Mathematical Society of Serbia for the achieved results in working with young mathematicians

Boris Ilić

Teacher of Religious teaching


Master in Theology – Emphasis in Bible Patristics

Orthodox Theological University of Belgrade, Belgrade Serbia

Bachelor of Theology – Emphasis in Religious education

Orthodox Theological University of Belgrade


Professional Development

Course in German – Level A1 (2016-2017)Goethe Institute, Belgrade Serbia

Online seminars Institute of Modern Education, Belgrade Serbia

Internship in Middle/High School Belgrade, Serbia


Author of the following Scientific Books

Interpretation The Book of Daniel 1-6; exegesis and historical aspects (2017)


Paul Tilich and Theology of culture (2016)


Saint Justin of Ćelije and philosophical significance of St. Sava’s legacy  (2013) – awarded at the Svetosavski temat in 2013 at the Orthodox Theological University of Belgrade.

Reviewer and lector the book A Character from eternity from author A. P.



Primarly, work in education, but besides that fosters the professional interest in church music, church history, and interpretation of biblical stories.



Marija Skoković

Master in Education- School Teacher, Teacher Education Faculty, University of Belgrade


  • 2019 – Online Seminar ‘Introduction to the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint for Global Perspectives’
  • 2018 – Online Seminar “Good Preparation for Classroom Time-Successful Time”
  • 2018 – Online Seminar “Active Oriented Math”
  • 2018 Mind Up Program, Djokovic Foundation
  • 2016 HP Classroom
  • 2015 Skills for adolescence
  • 2014 Thematic approach to teaching
  • 2013 Seminar- ‘Group work’
  • 2012 Introduction to Cambridge primary 1
  • 2012 Introduction to Cambridge secondary 1
  • 2009 Licensing Exam Primary school teachers by the Ministry of Education of Serbia
  • 2011 Seminar ‘Motivation for Learning’
  • 2010 Seminar ‘Inclusive education’
  • 2010 Seminar NTC systems of Learning
  • 2010 Seminar ‘Critical Thinking Through Reading and Writing’
  • 2010 Seminar ‘How to think differently and interdisciplinary’
  • 2009 Practical Classroom Training- Cyprus, training provider-International Highgate school, Cyprus
  • 2008 Seminar ‘Improvement of School planning’
  • 2008 – 2010.-Seminar ‘Classroom management’ and workshops (Highgate school, Cyprus)
  • 2008 – Seminar ‘How to write projects’



External Associate – Institut for Education Quality and Evaluation


Assessment of tests in the framework of the International Survey of Educational Achievement of Fourth Grade Elementary School Students in Mathematics and Sciences – TIMSS 2011, 2015 i2019 (Trends in Mathematics and Science Study).



Milica Skočajić



PhD student at Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Department of Psychology

Work experience:


Teaching Developmental psychology at Faculty for Media and Communication, University Singidunum, Department of Psychology as a student assistant


Teaching Introduction to psychology of education at Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Department of Psychology as a student assistant


Junior Researcher at Public Policy Research Centre


Assistant at Petnica Science Centre

Research projects:


Educational Research Association of Serbia: Adaptation of inclusive early education and care framework in Serbia


Women’s Studies Centre (Faculty of Political Sciences): Socio-economic and political changes in Serbia and gender-based violence


Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Department of Psychology: Teacher’s stereotypes about students from marginalized groups

Published papers:


Skočajić, M., Radosavljević, J., Okičić, M., Janković, I., & Žeželj, I. (2016, oktobar). Boys Just Don’t! Gender Stereotyping and Sanctioning of Counter-Stereotypical Behavior in Preschoolers. Sex Roles.

Stanković, B., Skočajić, M. & Đorđević, A. (2018). Managing childbirth in Serbia: medical interventions and birth experiences. Limes Plus. 14(2), 197-225.


Skočajić, M. & Stanković, B. (2018, November). Deciding on having an abortion, presented at Qualitative research in social science: from personal experience to social practice. Beograd.


Anić, T., Nedeljković, B., Skočajić, M., & Vladisavljević, M. (2015). Construction of the gender stereotype scale, presented at Empirical studies in psychology. Beograd.