Workshop on Puberty

Puberty, as a period of sudden and significant changes in psycho-physical development, have many challenges for young people in different aspects. Adolescents, neither children nor adults, need to navigate through their new bodies, with their new thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, to deal with all contradictions, and go through puberty on the path of their personal development.
It’s not easy, but that’s why Jasna Maliković, the secretary of healthcare, and Danijela Andrejić Mićović, a psychologist, in collaboration with the health care service of the Health Center “Simo Milošević”, designed and conducted a workshop through which they shared information with Grade 5 students, answered questions, explored perspectives, resolved dilemmas about this important stage of life, and invited students to share all uncertainties with them and get answers to the questions that trouble them in the future.