How we organize ourselves- people’s occupations

On March 18th and 19th, students 3A and 3B had the opportunity to talk to guests Maja Jovanović and Maja Magazin and hear stories about their occupations. Both guests made an effort to adapt their presentation to the age of the students, as well as to point out interesting details in order to stimulate children’s attention and curiosity.

Mrs Maja Jovanović is engaged in one of the rare occupations in this area that is closely related to art, so the students could hear everything one needs to know and should be able to do in order to become a tattoo artist.

Mrs Maja Magazin is an interior designer and she vividly showed what her job is about.

The students expressed their satisfaction and said that it was very interesting to them and pointed out that they learned a lot.

The visits were organized within the topic How we organize ourselves, whose contents, among other things, refer to the activities and occupations of people.