Audio book for visually impaired children

One of the activities within this year’s charity campaign “Humanost na delu u dečijem odelu” was the creation of an audio book for the visually impaired students of Veljko Ramadanović school in Zemun. This was done in cooperation with the production company “Omega Production”.

Our MYP students, Maša Alvirović 9B, Nađa Vesić 8B, Nanah Rabinovich Petrović 8B, Luna Zimonjić 7B, Mia Jackson 6B,  Leo Jackson 6B  and Sonja Pijanović 6B  read the lyrics of famous musicians and music groups: ABBA, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Paul McCarthey, John Lenon.

Anna Čeraneva, our Grade 4 student, read poems and extracts from famous novels in Russian.