Online teaching

Rudjer Boskovic school has made a decision to provide the students with online classes as well as regular school classes from Monday, 16th March. This does not mean that school will stop with regular classes, on the contrary, it means that the school is making a great effort in order to provide all students with the regular school lessons, because there is a small number of students who are attending the school classes at the moment. The school will continue to work normally for all the students who are able to come to regular classes.

The school has made the decision in cooperation with the parents because the great number of our students has been very close with their brothers, sisters and cousins who study abroad, in North Italy.
According to the information a significantly smaller number of students attend regular classes and that was the reason why the school decided to provide students with the online classes as well. We will surely follow the instructions provided by the Ministry of Education, but we consider that this was the right decision at the moment and that it would be less harmful for the school system and would make parents, students and school employees more secure.