Dragana Pavlićević

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science


Education: B.A. in Mathematics – Belgrade University Faculty of Mathematics, Major in Numerical Mathematics and Optimization

Professional training:

-Advancing math teaching in primary school higher grades, 2013
-Specialized national seminar for teachers on math classes in primary school lower grades (working with young mathematicians).
-Selected chapters in Mathematics for primary school 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th – Geometry
-Electronic school for beginners
-Archimedes’ mathematics workshops – permanent seminars for professional advancement of math teachers
-Inclusive education and individual education plan
-Improvement of math teaching in primary school higher grades – implementation of educational standards
-Student motivation seminars
-How to evaluate and improve one’s own teaching practice

-Foundations of the MYP (avgust 2018)

Participation in projects:

-National review of talents (Centre of Excellence) – Committee for the review and presentation of papers