European Women in Mathematics

On Monday, October 5th, Mathematic club members visited exhibition “European Women in Mathematics” opened at Kalemegdan.

Our students could see how the presented women of Mathematics developed perseverance and creativity in order to reach top results.

After the visit, Sonja Pijanovic (6B) wrote down her impressions:

Thirteen female Mathematicians portrayed at the exhibition “European Women in Mathematics” share their stories that present their drive and their love for Mathematics. Also, they left messages for future female and male Mathematicians.  All these women have something in common, and that is that they did not give up when it was difficult, but they worked hard which made them become fond of Mathematics even more.  One female Mathematician said, “Mathematics is not difficult, it is different.” The other one recommended that we not study Math if something just doesn’t fit. I understood it as if Mathematics was one big cube consisting of smaller cubes and if one of those smaller cubes that represent for example persistence and knowledge missed out, a task would not be solved and Mathematics would not exist. Most of them sent us a message to be persistent, focused, curious to do more after each task completed correctly and that it will be easier for us then. This exhibition inspired me to concentrate more when I do homework, and after that I fell in love with this wonderful science – Mathematics.