Primary school closing ceremony for our nine graders

In compliance with all health and safety guidelines we have managed to say a fond farewell to the 12th generation of our primary school graduates. We said goodbye to one more special generation with pride and joy. After hearing a captivating speech by General Manager Dragan Štulić and Head of Primary School Gordana Petković Srzentić, we were pleased to see a play performed by our students. This year they have prepared it an unusual way, by having online rehearsals, full of enthusiasm and determination. Certainly, they have dazzled us and shown how to reach for the stars and what stairways should be used on the way. We will remember the message our actors have sent, “one moment hasn’t erased our splendid past nor has it closed the door to our brilliant future, for the moments go by and make us stronger, to rise and conquer the world, over and over again.” After the play, we have seen and heard the messages given by our homeroom teachers that got a big round of applause.  In the end, there was a parade and the announcement of the best student in the generation together with the fiery salute sending our students into new victories. We are proud that they belonged to this school.