Personal Project Exhibition

Second year students had to do Personal Project, a requirement in IB Middle Years Programme. It is about pursuing self-interest or a hobby through a particular Global context. The process is extremely complex because it includes four components that are recorded in ProcessJournal, then a product is created, and in the end the Report is written. At the same time, a goal is defined that needed to be clear and concrete. The reports are externally assessed and the results are released in August.

Fulfilling all the above mentioned requirements, the students were preparing for an exhibition of their work, scheduled for March 13. The exhibition was realized despite the adverse circumstances and it was wonderful: the energy, creativity and desire of the students to show their hard work gave great satisfaction to themselves and to the supervisors who had gone through the whole process together with their students. The students were assigned to classrooms, each representing a specific Global Context. First, they had interviews with the supervisors, and then guests came – only the students of Ruđer Primary and High School since the others who had also been invited were unable to come. The exhibition lasted for three hours and during that time the event managed to mask the restlessness and uncertainty that COVID19 had brought among us. I hope everyone will be pleased with the forthcoming results as well. We look forward to receiving them in August, hopefully unquarantined.

Marija Keržlin Trifunović, Personal Project Coordinator