Mislisa competition – awarded students

The Mathematical competition Misliša was held in our school on Thursday, March 12. We commend all students for their participation and excellent results, and we invite them to try to solve various mathematical tasks that develop logical thinking next year as well.

Eighth grade students Filip Dimitrijevic and Luka Jankovic showed, as every year, that they are the best. Philip won the second and Luke the third prize. David Guzijan, Dunja Đurović, Ana Ljubičić, Konstantin Biševac, Pavle Milosavljević and Sonja Pijanović are praised from the younger students from the competition. The second prize was won by Martin Nikolić, and the third by Viktor Luka Krčevinac, Rade Vulić and Novak Đurović. All praise for our students!