Graduation ceremony

An event celebrating the graduation of the 17th generation of high school students in Ruđer Bošković School took place on 13th June 2020 in Madlenianum Theatre. The ceremony was opened with a speech by the school principal, Ivana Vukmirica Baćanović. After the opening speech, the guests were addressed by the Minister of Education, Mladen Šarčević. The rest of the programme was filled with the performances of actors, dancers and singers who put on an adaptation of Ožalošćena porodica (The Bereaved Family), a play by Branislav Nušić. Because of the social distancing measures, only the fourth-year students were awarded certificates and diplomas at the ceremony, as this event was open only to our high school graduates and their parents.

The ceremony ended with a parade of graduates, a speech by our valedictiorian, Naum Ivanić, and a fireworks salute to the 17th generation of graduates.In the foyer, after the ceremony, the guests had an opportunity to go through the 34th issue of our school magazine, Sokolske novine.