Stereotypes and prejudice lecture

The first and second grade high school students are working on applying knowledge from different school subjects. On Wednesday, 4th  March this year, they have begun an interesting project on prejudice and stereotypes about different groups in society and made a digital presentation. Since they have already governed IT knowledge and skills, our sociology lecturer and researcher at the Institute of Criminological and Sociological Research, Andrej Kubicek, introduced them to the basic concepts of these issues, that are in the focus of his scientific work. Through an interactive workshop students were able to learn on practical example how stereotypes arise and why they persist. Talking with the teacher on the social status of Roma as a study case, participants of the workshop were particularly interested to understand how the unfavorable social situation of one group becomes understood as a permanent feature of all its members. By the next meeting, our students will have time to figure out how to make the presentation, and throughout the process of its creation will be able to count on the mentoring support by the teacher.