The number of students in Primary School is around 300, aged from 5,5 to 14,5.

Students attend classes within the National Curriculum (I-VIII grade) while some attend integrated National and Cambridge International Programmes: Cambridge International Primary Programme (Stages 1-6) and Lower Secondary Programme (Stages 7-9).

The number of students in each class varies between 15 and 20, which enables application of new approaches and methods in teaching with the aim of achieving quality knowledge and skills.

Taking into account developmental and age characteristics of our students, the School offers a range of extracurricular and creative activities that are complementary to compulsory teaching programme enabling the students to realize their full potential in different fields.

Above all we offer a range of sports activities, art and drama workshops, dancing and singing classes, language courses, young journalists’ club. All the activities that students take part in result in their participation on various competitions, displays and school performances as well as editing the school bulletin. Creative workshops on the topics of health, friendship, tolerance and learning strategies are held on a daily basis. A special emphasis is put on humanitarian campaigns and projects which are regularly organized throughout the school year.

Senior students in primary school can take part in individual and group projects in the fields of both humanities and sciences. A very important field of their interest is participation in decision making when school life is concerned through Students’ Parliament, which consists of students’ delegates from VII and VIII grades.