Sports activities

Studying is important, but games are important as well.

This is the motto when sports activities and PE classes are concerned in Ruđer Bošković school.

The aims and objectives of these activities are:

-Healthy physical growth and development                                                 
-Developing and improving students’ social skills and team spirit             
-Acquiring kinesthetic skills                                                                        
-Developing and enhancing kinesthetic skills            
-Prevention and correction of body deformities        

The activities that are practised at school are:                    

-Sports games, elements of sports games                    
-Elements of athletics, proper walking, running, throwing         
-Sports gymnastics                                                        
-Elements of acrobatics                                                 
-Elementary games                                                       

Different kinds of games appropriate for strengthening the whole body and prevention of body deformities that are typical for this age.  

The School actively participates in the project of school sports called Sportiš in the following sports: volleyball, basketball, swimming, football, athletics.