Students' Parliament

What is the Students' Parliament:

The Students' Parliament is a legally warranted formal institution, which grants the students a democratic form of association to voice the interests of all students in the school and to ensure the participation of the students in the decisions that affect them directly.

Why is the existence of the Students' Parliament important?

-Because it warrants the fundamental freedoms of the students, through the exercise of the right to freedom of speech, expression, freedom of association, freedom of expression of personal opinions...
-The Students' Parliament ensures the personal development of the students.
-The Students' Parliament offers the possibility of collective decision making and contributes to a better atmosphere and school life.
-The Students' Parliament contributes to the development of collective relations and building partnerships with teachers, associates, directors and School bodies.
-The Students' Parliament is a structure that allows cooperation and the acknowledgment of differing arguments and positions.
-The Students' Parliament implies the adoption of democratic skills and values, through the acceptance of diversity.
-The Students' Parliament makes the development of a democratic culture possible.
-The Students' Parliament ensures a better communication and fosters the approval of joint decisions which are acceptable to all parties.

Why is it important for students to be involved in the decision- making process through the Students' Parliament:

-Because students understand their needs best.
-Because they recognize their problems and the problems of their peers best and can thus enable the School to better meet their needs.
-Because the Students' Parliament offers the possibility of participating to all students regardless of their race, religion, nationality, wealth, or gender.
-Because the Students' Parliament easily conveys the voice of all groups and subgroups within the school, be they refugees, internally displaced persons, minorities or persons with disabilities.
-Because young people should take part in decision- making, since this builds their self-confidence and turns them into responsible persons.
-Because thus, school decisions shall be implemented better and more readily.
-Because it builds a democratic society and manages the life in school in a fairer way.
-Because it improves the relationship and cooperation between students and teachers or associates.
-Because it helps students be better informed.
-Because it helps students encourage a more active participation of their parents in school life.
-Because students can thus voice their ideas and initiate and implement projects in cooperation with the school management.
-Because the Students' Parliament can raise issues which are important for students in the local community.