Day in Ruđer

The school day begins at 8.30 am.

The day is divided into two segments: the first, morning, block of lessons comprises general subjects (languages, Math, science). It is followed by lunch and a break. In the second block students have lessons that improve and foster their skills, CAS (creative activities) and academic tutoring (teachers assist students with minor special learning needs, including both students struggling with the regular curriculum and identified gifted students). As far as CAS activities are concerned student choose activities by their personal affinities. They can choose among many different clubs and workshops: art, choir, national dance, national tradition, drama, school band, science, language and sport. Throughout the school year we organize educational visits to different cultural and scientific institutions. On Mondays the school day ends at 15:35, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays day ends at 16:25 and on Fridays it ends at 14:55.

The purpose of Creative school activities is to give children the opportunity to think, explore and develop outside the academic boundaries of the school curriculum. They are holistic, student-centered, inquiry and performance based. These activities include varied approaches for teaching and learning, guiding students in making connections and actively constructing meaning in their learning. Individual projects, group work, pair work, case studies, brain storming, simulations, presentations and games are just some of the numerous techniques our teachers and students apply in these workshops in order to foster the development of critical and compassionate thinking and promote intercultural awareness. CAS activities are organized in the afternoon block of lessons and students choose activities by their personal affinities.

This year beside our ever-popular favourites, we have also introduced some new CAS activities: model-making, art, choir, eco-club, geography club, modern dance, rhythmic, sports, etc.


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