Creative school activities

The unique School Curriculum in educational centre Ruđer Bošković implies the principles according which the whole educational process is based on cooperative, active and experiential learning/teaching methods.

Looking for the ways which can help our students to shift the focus from the grade and evoke their inquisitive minds, creative activities called KAŠ have been launched.
The methods and techniques that are used in KAŠ activities are: individual work, group work, pair work, case study, mind maps, simulations, presentations, role-plays and games.
All activities are based on the concept of experiential learning (learning-by-doing method) which implies the use of previously acquired knowledge, active engagement, articulation of personal perception of a problem, analysis and critical perception of personal experiences, exchange of experiences and ideas with others, understanding and giving the meaning to certain events, acquiring new knowledge and skills that are applicable in real life situations. 
Thus the aims of KAŠ are to foster curiosity, creativity, development of responsibility and initiative as well as personal identity, positive attitude towards learning and critical thinking.








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