Code of conduct for students, staff and parents of students

At school students:

-Should be neat and tidy (pay attention to personal hygiene),
-Should be in appropriate clothes, according to their age which implies: T-shirts, short and long-sleeved shirts which cover the waist and are not too tight (tops and blouses with the length above waist are considered inappropriate),
-Should wear pants and skirts which are not too short (above knees), since mini-skirts, shorts, bermudas and low-waisted pants are not considered appropriate,
-Should wear flat shoes, sandals and sneakers (high-heel shoes and sandals are considered inappropriate as well as flip-flops),
-Should not put on make-up,
-Should not have long, polished nails,
-Should not wear expensive jewellery,
-Should be polite and respect all other students as well as all members of the staff.   


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