Admission requirements and tuition fees

Enrolment is carried out in accordance with the Regulations on Enrolment of Students.

All candidates take a general ability entry test.

Documents required for enrolment:

  1. Application form;
  2. Original school certificate on previous education;
  3. Copy of a birth certificate;
  4. School record/booklet from previous studies;
  5. Proof of successfully passed the qualifying test
  6. Diplomas or evidence of results achieved in verified competitions organized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia;

The tuition fee, the conditions and terms of payment, as well as the mutual obligations of the signatories are governed by the applicable Ordinance on Tuition Fees, and by the Contract entered into by the School and the Parents (guardians) or third person (institutions etc.).

Tuition fees cover the following services:

- Basic: regular classes, elective courses, optional classes, seminars and research projects, preparatory classes;

- Additional: food, clothes, books, accessories, field trips, visits, excursions.

Service users can additionally arrange for special services such as organized home-school-home transport.

Tuition fees for students attending the National curriculum for general profile high schools: 

First grade (MYP 1)

10 500 €

Second grade (MYP 2)


11 500 €

Third grade (IBDP)

12 500 €

Fourth grade (IBDP)

12 500 €



The School provides all the necessary textbooks, manuals and reading material. Courses rely on prescribed national textbooks, whilst foreign textbooks are used for teaching foreign languages.
The school supplies are delivered as a set, for all the subjects at the beginning of the school year, albeit the student may contact the School Secretariat throughout the school year to amend the supplies and ask for technical assistance (photocopying services pending teacher approval).

Cooperation with scientific and cultural institutions

Throughout the year, visits to cultural and scientific institutions are organized, as well as guest appearances by prominent artists and scholars. Professors from the University of Belgrade, associates from of the Institute of Physics, the Vinča Institute, the Historical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Republic Hydrometeorological Service and experts from many other institutions are involved in activities launched by the "Ruđer Bošković" High School.


Each student is provided with a locker for keeping his school supplies and textbooks.
The lockers are kept locked, but the contents may be checked by authorized persons.

Health education and care

Health education and care are provided through constant supervision, visiting nurse, medical check-ups, educational content and other channels provided for by the applicable Health Education Programme within the School Operation Programme.

School Clothing

The High School provides all students with adequate school clothing and physical education sportswear.
Each student is required to wear school uniform on special occasions (School Day, school events, visits, etc.).


Students are served with lunch in the school cafeteria according to the predefined schedule and a daily menu. The students are given a optional menu for the coming week and are expected to select one of the three meals offered for each day. Some students are provided with special meals irrespective of the questionnaire in case of health or religious reasons (fasting, special diets, allergies...)

In the morning term and during the long recesses, students may use the services of the cafeteria.


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